a new icon in my alt healing canon

December 2022

We drive to the ghost town the day the mountain lion dies. I read about the euthanasia online, outside the coffee shop—nauseated, suddenly, waiting for…

October 2022

It was a nothing Friday, so Keisha and I went to the dead mall for pepper spray practice. I’d YouTube’d it, and found a cache of tactical experts: burly…

September 2022

wyoming, matrimony as kink, and recommendations from around the internet

July 2022

is it even possible for the choco taco to die?

May 2022

A bird that's been dead since 2018 reminds me of intimacy on the internet
i don’t really have anything useful to say right now. from the cut, here’s a list of abortion funds by state. and here are some nice tiktoks: (substack…

March 2022

Hello, International Women! Welcome to our Day! Here are some promotional emails I got today, ranked from worst to best: 10. it’s International Women’s…

January 2022

Everyone is crazy, my WEC, and some thoughts about loneliness

December 2021

An insider’s guide to the memer-to-butt plug influencer pipeline

October 2021

Fictional TikTokers, the roaring maw of corporate try-hards, and my daily routine
We’re both more attuned to and more wary of producer manipulation, but we're unreliable narrators of the stories we tell about ourselves.