hello friend :)

under the influence is a digital dystopian spin on the artist letter. subscribe, and you’ll get a monthly-ish hit of internet wormholes, astrological chaos, and e-girl insight. plus, you’ll be part of a dope community and we can all hang out here together without selling our souls to zucc.

i don’t think i’m an expert in…. anything. but i have an intimacy with the internet (both personal and corporate), and a general curiosity/proclivity for pointless, entertaining distractions and bad decisions. i want to spend this time trying to be investigative and analytical, without resorting to the cold analytics of philosophy— i don’t pretend to be untouched by the world, and i want to reach a balance between abstraction and bracing presence.

paid subscribers get bonus letters and exclusive content— all the stuff i need to put behind a paywall bc my opinions might ruin me! not only will you be supporting this work, and thus helping me produce more of it, but you’ll be added to a secret society of community-oriented cyber sluts. it’ll be fun :)

anyway i hope you enjoy this experiment, thanks for being here and being you.

x aiden

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